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Research activities at AIHEC are managed as part of a broad Research and Database Initiative. This Initiative evolved from the AIHEC Board of Directors’ Fall 1994 Strategic Plan, which established research as the Consortium’s second priority, and a 1996 directive from the Board of Directors, to include research as part of the Consortium’s core operations. In response to the Board’s commitment, AIHEC successfully secured funding for a major research initiative. This Initiative is working to enhance each college’s research capabilities and is creating a national database on Tribal Colleges. The Initiative represents a collaborative effort between AIHEC and the American Indian College Fund.
The Initiative is working to collect data on Tribal College enrollment, budgets, curricula, facilities, services, and student outcomes to inform the colleges, AIHEC, the American Indian College Fund, and the White House Initiative on Tribal Colleges and Universities.
The AIHEC AIMS Resources Center provides current information about the AIHEC AIMS database system. The Center also serves as a collaboration environment to support the ongoing data collection and analysis work. Portal members include the TCU staff involved with the collection and reporting of the AIHEC AIMS survey data, the AIHEC database management and analysis team, and senior TCU and AIHEC management. Portal discussion forums are provided to exchange information about the data collection effort, request assistance and to discuss new ideas about the AIHEC AIMS system. AIHEC AIMS database reference materials and samples of data collection forms, screens and reports will also be provided.


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​The Excel worksheet version of the 2015 AIHEC AIMS Part A is available for download under the Reporting Center, AIMS Documents and Links. These sheets may be distributed to various departments within your institution. The spreadsheet should be used as an aid only, if you so choose. All final data must be entered into the online system.

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