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Folder: 01. Class-Introductions
Folder: 02. Class-HIT Overview
Folder: 03. Class-EHR-RPMS
Folder: 04. Class-Intro to RPMS
Folder: 05. Class-Patient Registration
Folder: 06. Class-Scheduling
Folder: 07. Class-New Provider
Folder: 08. Midterm
Folder: 09. Class-PA-HIPPA
Folder: 10. Class-PCC Data Entry
Folder: 11. Class-PCC Management Reports
Folder: 12. Class-Intro to RPMS-EHR
Folder: 13. Class-EHR Patient Encounter
Folder: 14. Class-EHR Design
Folder: 15. Final Exam
Folder: Attendance-Syllabus
Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority (CIHA) uses an electronic health record (EHR), population management system (PMS), and health information exchange (HIE) to provide care for members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Nation. They supplement their base EHR with various interfaces to gain additional functionality, such as access to electronic lab reporting, an electronic oral health record, and a digital imaging system.