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A Good Start _ Two Year Effects of a Freshmen Learning Comm Case Study.pdf
Kingsburough Community College in NY used a rigorous research design to show the impact of a learning community on freshmen students. Students' college experience and some educational outcomes improved.
A profile of successful Pell Grant recipients.pdf
This report describes the characteristics of Pell Grant recipients who graduated from college and compares them with graduates who did not receive Pell Grants.
A_stronger_nation.through higher education.pdf
The Lumina Foundation is issuing Stronger Nation reports annually to call attention to the need to increase college attainment in terms of its Big Goal of 60% and show the progress being made in each of the 50 states.
Assessing and Improving Student Outcomes.pdf
Miami Dade College, the largest in the nation, describes its systematic approach to using data to inform college decision-making about student learning and performance.
Building a Culture of Evidence.pdf
This report describes the Lumina Foundation's Achieving the Dream initiative and its attempt tobuild this “culture of evidence” at the first 27 community colleges that joined the initiative.
Building Student Success from the Ground Up.pdf
This case study draws from Guilford Technical College's experience implementing Achieving the Dream initiative to highlight what colleges may achieve and the challenges they may face in undertaking a similar process of institutional reform.
This report presents a critical analysis of the state of the research on the effectiveness of four types of practices in
increasing persistence and completion at community
Collaborating to Create Change.pdf
In collaboration with the University of Texas at El Paso and 12 local school districts in the El Paso area, El Paso Community College developed and brought to scale an improved process for helping high school students prepare for entry into college
College and Career Readiness 2010.pdf
Using ACT test scores and the ACT College Readiness Benchmarks, this report provides a snapshot of college readiness of the graduating seniors of the class of 2010 who took the ACT in high school.
College Completion Progress_Report_2010.pdf
The Commission on Access, Admissions and Success in Higher Education reports on the nation's progress in addressing its 10 recommendations for ensuring an educated and enlightened citizenry.
Do student success courses help.pdf
Student success courses, and their effectiveness,
are the focus of this report including ""student life skills"" courses.
Faculty and Administrator Data Use.pdf
A central premise of the Achieving the Dream initiative is the colleges' data-oriented approach to institutional effectiveness. This study suggests that faculty and administrators at Achieving the Dream colleges use data on student outcomes
First year learning conference-Final.ppt
Mentor/ Mentee Model to  Foster Student Success
FYE course presentation Santa Fe conference Final.ppt
Mentor/ Mentee Model to  Foster Student Success
Guiding Developmental Math Students to Campus Services.pdf
This report presents results from a rigorous evaluation of the Beacon Mentoring program at South Texas College.  College leaders developed an innovative intervention targeting students enrolled in lower-level math courses that have high rates of failure.
Learning Centers and Monday Drum.pptx
Walmart Student Success Grant
More Guidance, Better Results 0- Three-Year Effects of an Enhanced Student.pdf
More Guidance, Better Results? Three-Year Effects of an Enhanced Student Services Program at Two Community Colleges — Overview. This document provides a description of successful intervention strategies implemented at two community colleges in Ohio.
PowerPoint Presentation
Walmart Student Success Overview.ppt