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AIHEC Lumina Foundation Students Success Secondary Study Initiative


The purpose of this initiative is to support research on factors that influence participation and completion of American Indian/Alaskan Native (AI/AN) students with a goal of developing a holistic framework of strategies designed to help ensure AI/AN student success and completion in postsecondary education. This initiative is designed to review the literature describing the factors contributing to students' success and the challenges that they encounter in the pursuit of postsecondary degrees and credentials.

Project staff, with advisory committee guidance, will draft the AI/AN Student Attainment Collaborative Framework. The framework is not meant to replace existing success strategies; rather, it will provide a framework to support the overarching initiatives to assist with postsecondary credentialing programs for AI/ANs at multiple levels, including institutions, tribes, and state/federal governments.

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American Indian Student  Success Bib and Annotation1.docx
Sharing the first literature: More to come!
Citations-NativeAm-Retention-Higher Ed2.pdf
Articles describe AI/AN's success, challeges and perssistance in partaining to education