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AIHEC Advisor presentation.ppt
“Pathways for Native Students: A Report on Washington State Colleges and Universities”
Ms. Nadine Bill, AIHEC Project Advisor, provides an overview of her research on student retention at Northwest Indian College. She includes 12 recommendations to enhance success.
CCD FastStart flowchart.docx
Community College of Denver's Fast Start Program
Ms. Lisa Silverstein presents a flow chart illustrating the process of assisting students who are referred to the Fast Start Program.
CCD FastStart structure.docx
Organizational Structure of Fast Start
Ms. Lisa Silverstein provides a a chart illustrating the organizational structure of the Fast Start Program.
CCD-Community College of Denver.ppt
Accelerating Academic Achievement for Low-Skilled Youth  FASTSTART@CCD and COLLEGE CONNECTION
Ms. Lisa Silverstein, Coordinator of the Fast Start Program, provides an overview of this highly effective program in serving developmental education needs of its students.
California State University, Fullerton
Dr. Kandy Mink Salas, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs, provides a campus profile of California State University, Fullerton.
IAIA - Institute of American Indian Arts.ppt
Campus Profile
Ms. Liz Bahe, Director of Student Retention, provides a campus overview of the Institute of American Indian Arts.
J. F. Drake State Technical College.pptx
Campus Profile
Dr. Carolyn Henderson provides a campus profile of Drake State Technical College.
Kentucky State University.pptx
A Campus-Wide Learning Community: Becoming Agents of Change
Dr. Titilaya Ufomata, Associate Provost, and Ms. Sue Stamper, Director, provide a campus overview of KSU.
Leech Lake Tribal College.pptx
Nando-Gikenjige Wigamig
Ms. Deborah LeClaire, Dean of Instruction at Leech Lake Tribal College presents a campus profile and the strategies used to promote student success.
St Mary's University.pptx
Moving Beyond the  Retention Committee
Dr. Rosalind Alderman, Assistant Vice President for Retention Managment, provides a campus profile of St. Mary's Univerity.
Wiley College.ppsx
Campus Profile
Dr. Joseph L. Morale, Project Leader, provides an overview of Wiley College.